The band was founded by its leader Andreas Schreiner in 1995. The name of the "Blaskapelle Marchfeld" (Blama) has its origin from the so-called landscape "Marchfeld" which is located in the east of Vienna and northerly of the Danube in Lower Austria. In total, the group consists of 13 musicians from the above mentioned region. In addition, they are all playing in local wind music groups of the district Gänserndorf. This formation mainly interprets brass music from Slovacko, the region from southern-moravia which is close to the neighbouring state Slovakia, called Moravian Slovakia but also from Bohemia and Austria. Nevertheless some titles of the Glenn Miller orchestra, the Beatles, film music, etc. can be found in the repertoire, as well.

In 1999 the "Blaskapelle Marchfeld" took part at the international brass band festival in Ratíškovice (CZ). In the year of 2000 the first CD called "5 years" has been recorded. In May of 2002 the Blama participated in the 15th international competition for small brass bands "Golden Flugelhorn" in Hodonín (CZ) where an respectable position in the silver-zone was obtained.

In 2005 the second CD with the title "10 Jahre" has been recorded. In July 2008 a very pleasant event has taken place: the 60th anniversary of Michal Steranka has been celebrated in his hometown in Moravia. Besides of some music pieces the Blama handed him the honorary membership out. In October 2008 the Blama performed the music part of the start of the super-marathon Wien-Bratislava-Budapest in the Ernst-Happel-Stadium Vienna.

In 2010 the third CD "Marchfeldgrüße" has been recorded. The title of the CD represents the first track, which has been composed by the band-master especially for the 15th anniversary of the Blama.

In the anniversary year 2015, we made our fans and ourselves a present of the fourth CD with the title "Unseren Fans".